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1JZGTE powered MK2 Supra

Heres a few pics of my project. Its an Australian delivered 1985 MK2 Supra. It was fitted originally with the 5ME engine and auto tranny.

I bought a Toyota Chaser front cut from Japan and a Soarer 1JZGTE motor for spares. I started the engine whilst it was still in the front cut. It sounded good so I pulled the motor out of the front cut and the 5ME out of the Supra and swapped the 1JZ motor over using the 5ME crossmember and modified 1JZ mounts. Got a custom tailshaft made, used the factory intercooler and pipes.

Before and After Pic

The old engine had a cracked head so it was pulled out straight away to make way for the 1JZ engine...Check out the photo page up the top for the 1JZ pics. Finally got it running. I've got some new pics that I'll post soon.